We asked this question of our Knights of '65

Have you written a book, an article or something that would be of interest to the Class of 65, their friends and family?

Have you had a song published that you wrote or co-wrote - either lyrics or music that we may have heard?

Have you invented something that was patented and has made our lives better?

Have you designed and patented an item that we may have in our home?

And below are the responses we have received to share with all of our classmates from the Class of 1965.

Thank you

Your 50th Class Reunion Committee: Carol and Mike

Add a story of your own!
Jack Richardson -

After getting a Mastiff and American Bulldog mix puppy, I realized she would need to be trained correctly. I knew she was going to be a large and intimidating looking animal. You couple that with the reputation Pit Bulls get and I knew she needed to respond to commands when they were given. 

I didn’t know if it was best to hire a trainer, take her to a class, or train her myself. 

Because of limited funds, hiring a trainer was out. I couldn’t find a class I was comfortable with, so that was out, which left me training her myself. 

 After countless hours of research, I developed a series of basic dog obedience training techniques, methods, and philosophies which I have combined into two eBooks. 

These methods work. Raji, our dog, is now a 135 pound happy and obedient dog. 

So I wrote “Teach You To Train Your Dog”, a step-by-step guide to training your dog in basic obedience, and “The Story Of Raji”, which contains the same step-by-step training techniques but goes more into some of the personal experiences we went through with her. Owners of large dogs should be able to relate to some of the issues we encountered. 

 Many people have used this eBook with great success. 

 The website is:


Linda Hutchinson Timberlake Hieger

Linda Hutchinson Heiger:
Co-author, "With Wings of Silver and Gold" The history and uniforms of American Airlines Stewardesses/Flight Attendants with Bob K. Kopitzke. Linda served as The Kiwi Club National President (1994-1996), A charitable & social organization of former and current AA stewardesses/flight attendants and was on the Curatorial Team- AA/CR Smith Museum.

Author: Linda H. Hieger
Category: History Reference Nonfiction
Price: $ 39.95
Language: English
Size: 8.5 x 11
Number of Pages: 252
ISBN Number: 978-1-60458-271-0
Publication Date: March 2010

About this Book:
This book displays and describes the uniforms for American Airlines stewardesses/flight attendants from 1933-2010 (including American Airways). It chronologically touches on the history, slogans, innovations, aircraft and presidents of the airline. There are pictures and stories from those who flew the line, and a memorial to those who lost their lives while doing so. An interesting and colorful history for those affiliated with the airline, as well as those readers interested in the history.

About the Author:
Linda H. Hieger retired from American Airlines after 35 years. She was hired as a stewardess in 1969 - based in Washington, D. C. During her career, Linda held positions as an emergency procedures instructor, flight service supervisor, flight attendant recruiter and international flight attendant. She was part of the curatorial team to update the American Airlines/C.R. Smith Museum in Ft. Worth, Texas in 2007, and assists on projects there when needed.

Book Review:
"Sometimes the best historians are those who lived the history they write about. Linda Hutchinson Hieger flew the line for American Airlines as a stewardess and flight attendant for more than 30 years. Not only did she witness the evolutionary growth of one of the world's great airlines, but she knew many of the players. This book is more than another history of American, for it conveys the stories of the many talented women and men who flew as cabin crewmembers and then creatively chronicles the fashionable uniforms they sported on the job. Linda Hutchinson Hieger is undoubtedly the foremost expert in the world on the uniforms worn by the stewardesses and flight attendants of American Airlines. With Wings of Silver and Gold is not only a delightful read, it's an invaluable resource as a reference on uniforms." Jeff Johns, Former Associate Director and Chief Curator of the American Airlines C. R. Smith Museum - Currently, Executive Director of the Fort Worth Air & Space Museum Foundation

Order/Contact Info:
Linda H. Hieger
4227 Austin Ridge Drive
Saint Charles, MO 63304

Henry Shelton - Summers on A Seaboard Signal Gang

Henry worked on a Seaboard Signal Gang for several years and has authored a very descriptive account of his years working on a Seaboard Railroad Signal Gang.  It is available at the website: - Vol. 30, No. 2 for the 2nd Quarter 2013.  It is a wonder story, but a little too long to post here.

Please contact Carol at and she will send you the PDF of the Lines South issue containing this great story of how one of our classmates spent his summers.

This is What Happens When You Write Jokes in the Last Two Hours of Study Hall ... Instead of Studying

I have a weekly newspaper column since July 2007.

It is called News from Hogspore, a fictitious town in the Ozarks with some smart folks and some not so smart folks coping with daily life.

First Place Humor in 2008. National Society of Newspaper Columnists.

Here is the website for the archived columns: 

Bob Simpson 


Here is Today's Column:
                                              Hogspore Community News
                                       By Clet Litter as told to Bob Simpson
                                          It’s All About the Time to Change

Daylight Savings Time is a coming. Next Sunday, two in the morning, (I coulda just said “AM” instead of “in the morning” but I get paid by the number of words) is gonna jump to three in the morning. 

The time change is supposed to give us more daylight after the working day is done. All it means to me is that it’s still gonna be light outside when I’m washing the supper dishes.  

I heard that in England in the next few years, you could choose whether you have a baby girl or a baby boy. You could also make a youngin from two fathers or two mothers.

What I’d like to do is change the sex of the spawn when you want to and then adjust it back at a more convenient time.

Say you got a pretty little girl who’s growing up too fast. I’d change her to a boy when she hit thirteen and then switch “him” back once he was twenty-one.

At twenty-one, she would recollect what all the boys really got on their minds, (cause she’d been one for a while). That knowledge would keep her out of trouble way into her thirties.

I ain’t no prude about these coming changes but I’m right sure that it’s gonna rain a lot longer than forty days this time. I’m starting to build a big boat and gather up a few barnyard animals and dogs, plus my wife. I promise … I ain’t taking Noah stinking mosquitoes with me.

This column donates its proceeds and joins with the Columbus News-Report’s own continuing support of our troops.

Leonard Nimoy Rest in Peace

Robert Simpson
Danny Tillotson

I am excited to announce the publication of my second book, “My Other Dad.” It has been a long time coming. I had the original idea for this story twenty-five years ago. While the story has changed along the way, the original theme remains, a strong woman battling a faceless foe and working against terrible odds. I hope you enjoy the adventure.

See below for links to your favorite online stores.

To see it at Amazon:...

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To see it at iTunes:

Danny's first book was Carolina Gold published in 2012:

Published: 6/25/2012

Perfect Bound Softcover

Pages: 248
Size: 5.5 x 8.5

Sumary:  Jake Cooper had it made, high school All-American football player, beautiful girlfriend Jenny, fame and the potential fortune of the NFL. But when he meets Chris Stephens, an 11 year-old history geek and son of a war hero, Jake starts down a path he could never have imagined.

Chris discovers a map on a mysterious medallion that he believes points to an ancient Aztec treasure. He convinces Jenny and her bully of a boyfriend Jake to leave California and join him on a secret trip during spring break to search for the treasure he believes is hidden in North Carolina. The kids are aided by a sage old Cherokee Indian named Luke who was branded a coward by his tribe and has lived alone for most of his life. Luke’s wisdom helps Jake see manhood in a different light. But, will Luke’s gentle way help the kids in their quest?

When the kids reach their destination they encounter their dishonest History teacher and his criminal friends who want to steal the treasure. Chris, Jake and Jenny will have to outsmart the evil teacher; but can a precocious 11 year-old boy, a cheerleader and a high school linebacker defeat three armed and dangerous criminals?


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