On-Line ticket purchases for the 50th Class Reunion of Robinson High School - Class of 1965 has closed. Tickets are not available at the door both Friday and Saturday nights. Cash only at the door and it is a cash bar. Please plan ahead.

The ALOFT Hotel is acrosss the street from the Bank of America Building...

To get to the Tampa Club from the ALOFT, you have 2 choices:

1. Walking from the ALOFT...
Walk out the front door of the ALOFT and walk South on Ashley Street to the Jackson Street traffic light in front of the Sheraton Riverwalk.
Cross the street with the light heading to the East.
As soon as you are beside the building across the street, there are several steps on the right going up to a glass doorway.  Take the stairs !
Inside are the elevators to the third floor lobby of the Bank of America Building.
On the 3rd floor - to your right is another glass door, it should open automatically - if not press the right button on right.
Cross the Skybridge and go to the elevator bank for floor 41 - The Tampa Club.

There is a seond elevator that you may use to go from the 41st floor up to the 42nd floor ( location for Saturday night's celebration ) if you don't want to use the stairs from 41 to 42.

2. Get your car from the ALOFT Valet and drive to the parking garage for The Tampa Club...

Stay on Ashley Drive the traffic light which is Jackson Street, one block after Kennedy/Ashley intersection.

Turn left on Jackson Street and move to far right lane. Turn right on Tampa Street. Go a half block and take first possible right into alley. Turn right again into Bank of America parking garage.

Follow signs for Visitor Parking. Drive up spiral to Level 3 and take a parking ticket at the gate. Park in any unreserved space on Level 6 or above.

Take elevator to Skybridge on Level 3. Walk across Skybridge to Bank of America building. Go to bank of elevators marked 32 - 42. Take elevator to floor 41, which is the Tampa Club entrance.


Pull up to the gate at the entrance to the parking garage and push the white button on the call box. A security agent will answer. Inform the agent that you are going to Tampa Club and the gate will lift to allow entry. Drive up to the gate on Level 3 and take a parking ticket. There is no charge for parking on Saturdays, but you will need your ticket to exit the garage.

On weekends the glass doors to the Skybridge will be locked. A call box is mounted to the wall to the right of the glass doors. Push white button. A security agent will answer and open the glass doors.

When you are exiting the parking garage, pull up to the gate on Level 3 and press the white button on the call box. An agent will open the gate. Please place your parking ticket in box before you leave.
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