What strikes me most about our Class of 65 is how 'thin' and 'fit' we all were.   

Back in those days, P.E. was required.   

I had several 'boy' friends of the Class of 65 including Beckwith, Hough, Hurley, Hinton, Wittmeyer, Stoval, and McQuin.  

I remember all of us boys as being 'Southern Gentlemen'.   

I had no 'girl' friends.  

I was in the woods a lot in those years, fishing, hunting, etc. which turned me into an Environmental Engineer.   

However, I remember talking to many of the girls in the Class and had a crush on a few.    

Looking at the pictures, all of the girls were polite, attractive, and Class-Act 'Southern Charm'.   

In 1972 I married a girl of Robinson's Class of '66, Patty Kozlowski.   

She could keep up with me on horseback.  

We've been married 42 years now.


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