20th Class reunion - 1985
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Janis Rigdon Dryer, Mel Dryer, Madeline Heinrich Franks, Sally Rawls and Jackie Anderson
Luz and Luis Coton and Pat Wolk
Sally Rawls Krusing-Suzie Parker
Ed Franks, Sally Rawls, Madeline Heinrich Franks, Amy Maynard Hardy, Tom Doyne and Karen Doyne
Madeline Heinrich Franks, Amy Maynard Hardy, Tom Doyne, Marilyn Phillips Alvarez
Marilyn Phillips Alvarez, Brenda Mixon Waldron, Shannon Jones, Jackie Anderson, Amy Maynard Hardy, Rick Cuny, Rick's Wife
Friday - by the pool
Marilyn Phillips Alvarez, Harry Bopp, Susan Houx
David Howe (Guest) and Shannon Jones
Mike Hurley -- Melissa Dodds
Janet Wilson, Marilyn Phillips Alvarez, Sue Phillips
Pat Robinson, -- Marilyn Phillips Alvarez
Pope Daniels, Pat Robinson, Carol McEvoy
George Calder and Jr Fleagle
Marilyn Phillips Alvarez and Jr Fleagle
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